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After 40 years of serving both the Los Angeles community and markets across the globe, S&J has closed it's doors.

Though the industry remains strong and demand for our parts and services continued to grow in the last quarter of 2022, we decided that it was time for us to start a new chapter. Our goal had always been to exit on a high note and after nearly 40 years in the automotive parts industry, we strategically transitioned our supplier partnerships, divested our inventory and are closing our shop.


We apologize if this announcement feels sudden. However, due to some of the legal and licensing issues around S&J’s property and business operations, we were unable to inform anyone of this major change until it became official.


We truly treasure the relationships we have built personally and professionally and are honored by the support and friendship that has been extended to us over the years. We are thankful for all of our customers, employees, business partners, vendors and friends who helped to build S&J over the years. 


We wish you the best of luck in your businesses, great health and happiness. We will not say goodbye, but rather, farewell…until we meet again.

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